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Number 615 - Pat Benatar

Number 615

Pat Benatar

"All Fired Up"

Task: Pat Benatar Objective: Get the oil, goss & dirt on Benatar. Source: Find sexy photographs of Benatar preferably nude. Best Outcome: Secure all exclusive interview Crowbarred on Benatar (ohhh errrr) Likely Outcome: Lawsuit.
Hmmm how hard can that be? Alrighty then, i am All Fired Up and I'm gonna Hit em with my best shot!

Album Review from 1988
Although it falls short of the excellence of Crimes of Passion, Precious Time, and Get Nervous, Wide Awake in Dreamland is a generally decent and respectable effort that has more pluses than minuses. Closer in spirit to Tropico than Passion or Time, the consistently melodic Dreamland stresses pop elements and steers clear of hard rock. The CD's most memorable offerings include the haunting and moody "Too Long a Soldier," the infectious "Lift Em on Up," and a disturbing commentary on child abuse, "Suffer the Little Children." Unfortunately, Pat Benatar's popularity was starting to decline in 1988 -- and in the early-to-mid-'90s, she would receive little attention. ~ Alex Henderson
Interesting Facts...
Halloween, 1977, however, was a pivotal night in her career. Rather than change out of the vampire costume she had worn to a Greenwich Village cafe party that evening, she went on-stage wearing black eyeliner, black tights, and short black top. All of a sudden, despite performing just her usual array of songs, Rising Star's audience was hit with this strong visual image that matched her exceptional singing and powerful vocal range. This time she received a standing ovation. By 1978, Chrysalis Records had signed Pat Benatar.
Of note, during the 1980's decade, Pat Benatar received Grammy nominations (mostly for "Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female") in eight of those years! Even more remarkable, however, was winning it an incredible four years in a row, something no one else has done! Tina Turner has also won four times, but did it in 1985, 1986, 1987, and 1989, as in 1988, there was no category differentiated by gender, and "Best Rock Performance, Solo" went to Bruce Springsteen.

The Interview

CB "Helloooo?
PB "Whos this?"
CB "Its me crowbarred from crowbarred.blogspot"
PB "who?"
CB "Im the guy who writes The Definitive 1000 Songs of all time!"
PB "A huh..Right .. & how many songs of mine are in that list?"
CB "erm, 2 so far and i ..."
PB " 2??? and you call me at 4.20am for that?"
CB "yes, i mean i am only up to number 615 and ..."
PB "So your saying i didn't even get in the Top 500?"
CB "Um.. Rolling Stone didn't even list you in their..."
PB "Can you see this?"
CB "Err no?"
PB "Good...its a finger" *click*

Ok, i failed the objectives and not even a nude picture nor any dirt to boot! If i owned Rolling Stone Magazine Mrs Benatar would have definitely been in the top 500!

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What does Rolling Stone think of Pat Benatar?
Pat Benatar's voice keeps getting stronger, and guitarist-producer Neil Geraldo's ideas and riffs keep getting sharper, but only to a point. Wide Awake in Dreamland, Benatar's first album after a long layoff, is full of wry energy, yet it seems stunted; the production is far better than the songwriting. The title suggests a hardheaded ride, but most of Wide Awake in Dreamland coasts easily, its optimism unearned and unwarranted. And in almost every song, ridiculous images appear, pulling the plug on whatever energy the band has stirred up. (RS 535)
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Dont be silly dear boy) and the Album ranked at Number (Hows your interviewing going?) grrrr
This song has a total crowbarred rating of 71.6 out of 108

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