Friday, October 20, 2006

Number 761 - J Geils Band

Number 761

J Geils Band


Did Hugh Hefner sponser this song? Hmmm? I sure hope you people haven't forgotten this gem from 1981. Yes it was a one hit wonder and No you dont need to go out and by their Anthology 20 CD set, and yes mine is for sale on Ebay :p
"The J. Geils Band was one of the most popular touring rock & roll bands in America during the '70s. Where their contemporaries were influenced by the heavy boogie of British blues-rock and the ear-splitting sonic adventures of psychedelia, the J. Geils Band was a bar band pure and simple, churning out greasy covers of obscure R&B, doo wop, and soul tunes, cutting them with a healthy dose of Stonesy swagger. While their muscular sound and the hyper jive of frontman Peter Wolf packed arenas across America, it only rarely earned them hit singles. Seth Justman, the group's main songwriter, could turn out catchy R&B-based rockers like "Give It to Me" and "Must of Got Lost," but these hits never led to stardom, primarily because the group had trouble capturing the energy of its live sound in the studio. In the early '80s, the group tempered its driving rock with some pop, and the makeover paid off with the massive hit single "Centerfold," which stayed at number one for six weeks. By the time the band prepared to record a follow-up, tensions between Justman and Wolf had grown considerably, resulting in Wolf's departure, which quickly led to the band's demise. After working for years to reach to top of the charts, the J. Geils Band couldn't stay there once they finally achieved their goal. "
What does Rolling Stone Magazine think about J Geils Band?
"Like the Rolling Stones, the J. Geils Band offers fresh proof that rock & roll knows no age limit -- in fact, many New Wavers might wish they sounded this hot and varied. Kudos to keyboardist Seth Justman"
"Like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the J. Geils Band got its start by churning out loving, frantic cover versions of R&B, blues and Fifties rock 'n' roll classics. While the Beatles and Stones moved on to find their own niches (mostly because of the compositional abilities of Lennon-McCartney and Jagger-Richards), the lack of a solid writer always held J. Geils back."

Oh hey Mr Rolling Stone! You left the knife in, must be hard to get it out with all the blood coagulating like that. Oh the knife is twisted? Riiiiight.
And what is it with saying "Like The Beatles" or "Like The Rolling Stones"?
If you Mr R Stone think that they don't scrub up....then why compare them to the "Greats"?
Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Like The Rolling Stones "No wait we didn't mean that!) and the Album ranked at Number (Like The Beatles..."We just fraggin with ya now)
This song has a total crowbarred rating of 65.5 out of 108
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