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Number 859 - Jam

Number 859


"Town Called Malice"


Genre:Pop Punk

Lets start at the end (Its always a nice way to find the middleground)

"In a 2006 interview with BBC Radio 6 Music, Weller stated that a Jam reunion would "never, ever happen", and that reformations are "sad". He went on to say "Me and my children would have to be destitute and starving in the gutter before I'd even consider that, and I don't think that'll happen anyway ... [the Jam's music] still means something to people and a lot of that's because we stopped at the right time, it didn't go on and become embarrassing.""

Paul Weller to me.... was "Style Council" and not "The Jam". Yes i understand without Jam there probably would've been no Council. Just artistically speaking of course.

"The Jam were an English rock (rock ?) band active in the late 1970s and early '80s. They were one of the most popular groups of the day, achieving eighteen straight Top 40 singles in the UK from their debut in 1977 to their swansong in 1982, including four #1 hits. Two of these eighteen singles were available on an import-only basis; they remain the best-selling import singles of all time in the UK. They also released six albums in their day, the last of which, The Gift, hit #1 on the UK album charts. Massively popular in Britain, as well as much of the rest of Europe and beyond, they never gained much commercial success in North America, but they did retain a considerable cult following."

About the song Malice..............

"Featuring one of the easily-recognisable bass-lines in British music history,"Town Called Malice" is a song recorded by The Jam from the album The Gift. It was the A-side of a single also featuring "Precious". Released as the first single from the album on February 13, 1982, it reached number one on the British music charts, staying at the top for three weeks, but failed to chart in the United States. It was the band's third #1 single in the UK. Paul Weller has said that it was written about his hometown Woking as a result of his teenage experiences there. A music video of the song was filmed and was in moderate rotation on MTV in 1982 and 1983. The song was featured prominently in the 2006 film The Matador and also appeared in the film Billy Elliott. It is also on the soundtrack to FIFA 2004. "
"Interestingly enough, the bass line that the song is famous for actually appeared two years earlier in the Elvis Costello album
Get Happy!! on the song "Love for Tender". If you listen to both songs carefully, "Town Called Malice" also features the same use of handclaps and keyboard notes as "Love for Tender". The song "Love for Tender" was recorded in 1980."

See sampling was even around then!

Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (What was the name of the other song they did ? Um?) and the Album ranked at Number (Nope, not unless they re-group!)

This song has a crowbarred rating of 60.5 out of 108
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