Friday, August 04, 2006

Number 957 - Led Zeppelin

Number 957

Led Zeppelin

"Babe Im Gonna Leave"

Genre:Psychedelic Rock
I am not even going to go into what this group means to me, because it probably means the same to you.

They say the Beatles are the best and I agree. They say Rolling Stones gave definition to music, and I agree.They say Pink Floyd gave sound, hell yes, and Beach Boys gave the harmony, and I decree "Guilty"
But Led Zeppelin gave Style, you cant give it, you cant write it, you cant even get it if your the richest person on earth. Led Zeppelin gave it to us , us the common people.Now your all probably curious why i don't expand on this entry but i would rather wait till i get further down the chart, because face it, you know they will be featured higher up the charts. When i get there i promise i wont stutter like i have on this entry, to be honest, writing about Led Zeppelin is just plain daunting and deserves full attention, not to mention the Led Zeppelin fans have much bigger guns.
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What does Rolling Stone think about Led Zeppelin?
It wasn't just Led Zeppelin's thunderous volume, sledgehammer beat, and edge-of-mayhem arrangements that made it the most influential and successful heavy-metal pioneer, it was the band's finesse. Like its ancestors the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin used a guitar style that drew heavily on the blues; its early repertoire included remakes of songs by Howlin' Wolf, Albert King, and Willie Dixon (who later won a sizable settlement from the band in a suit in which he alleged copyright infringement; see his entry for details). But Jimmy Page blessed the group with a unique understanding of the guitar and the recording studio as electronic instruments, and of rock as sculptured sound; like Jimi Hendrix, Page had a reason for every bit of distortion, feedback, reverberation, and out-and-out noise that he incorporated. Few of the many acts that try to imitate Led Zeppelin can make the same claim. ~ [Source: edited from Rolling Stone - Updated from The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll Simon & Schuster, 2001]
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Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs ranked this song at Number (Nope) and the Album ranked at Number 29
This song has a crowbarred rating of 52.6 out of 108
For the purists & the ones greying .. like me

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